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The world of escort girls is quite dynamic, as clients hire them to be escorted to different types of events. Before, these women only provided the services of company ladies, but now they are pleasing many entrepreneurs in bed. Well, these women please many men with different sexual positions.

 For chicago escort directory, anything goes in sex, as they have a lot of experience and know-how to give their clients the greatest pleasure. There are many sexual positions that you can do with an escort. This makes the client not get bored and can get several ways to feel pleasure.

Currently, the local escorts are giving more complete services and are becoming professionals. This makes them the favorites of many businessmen, engineers, university students, as they are women who greatly please and know how to do good anal sex.

Every day more girls work in this type of business through one, as it is a way to get more money.

The sexual positions offered by an escort

By hiring the best luxury escorts, you will be able to enjoy sex greatly without any taboo.

Generous Pirate: This type of sex position allows for great penetration for more pleasure. It is usually a great stimulation of the clitoris to give this girl more pleasure. This consists of her lying on her back on the bed. As the man kneels in front of her, holding her legs and resting them on her shoulders.

Sitting face to face: this position requires that both are seated. The escort will sit on top. To do the penetration, both of you will control the pace and speed with your legs. This type of sexual position is usually quite stimulating and gives great pleasure.

It can be done on the edge of the bed, on the bed stretched out, or on the sofa. This will allow you to kiss your partner anywhere on the body. While they have good eye contact, it is the best way to kiss their breasts and neck.

The Amazon: this type of sexual posture is preferred by many, as it has several variants. It consists of the men lying horizontally and the Chinese on their members. The man will have the opportunity to stimulate the clitoris, buttocks, nipples and play with the girl's whole body.

Escorts move a lot in this position. The man will be able to bend his knees to help with this type of movement. If you want to be daring, there is a much more dominant version, where the men have their hands and feet tied with a rope or tie.

The spoon and the puppy: these positions are usually classic, they are easy to do, they give great pleasure. As for the doggy posture, the girl will have to get on all fours like a puppy. The man has to kneel back and do the penetration. In this way, you can do different speeds and movements.

The spoon position is usually somewhat similar because the penetration is done from the back. The difference is that they will have to lie on one side. This has the great advantage that you can mark the rhythm with your hand. In this way, you can use the other hand to stimulate the clitoris of these local escorts, caress her face, her breasts, and everything you want.

An escort is passionate

Mature escorts are passionate when giving any service because they give themselves to this work greatly. These girls like to do their job passionately so that clients feel happy and want to continue hiring their services.

Nowadays, you will meet the best escorts who give great passion to a special company.